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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary
      1. How might elementary CS classes encourage a multitude of identities such as gamer, actor, musician, creator, artist, composer, reviewer, performer, manufacturer,journalist, listener, student, teacher, and more within a shared space?
      2. How might we encourage young coders to create projects for their peers or community?
      3. How might young coders document these experiences in order to share processes, successes, and moments of growth or understanding?
      4. How might young coders ask for or provide constructive critique on the projects we create in these spaces?
      5. How might we engage in hyphenated forms of coding where young coders shift through a variety of identities and engagement (e.g., designer, artist, programmer, gamer, writer, etc.)?
      6. How might we assess learning in a space with a multitude of CS related identities?
      7. When is the focus on individualized, small group, or large group learning of coding concepts and understandings?
      8. If young coders in a class did not share common interests with their peers, how might we utilize social media to connect them with other coders who share similar interests?
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