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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      How might we integrate this lesson with other subject areas? What kind of changes or additions could you create (please feel free to link resources below)?

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      Ben SchekirkeBen Schekirke

      Vocabulary activity
      Presenting material
      Learn more about students – build relationships

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      Mariah McCartyMariah McCarty

      One idea that we had to create the interactive collage would be to use it with a book club or any book that you read. The students can use 3 or so characters from the book and when you click them they talk about what their role was in the book.

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      Josie ParkerJosie Parker

      So where I work we do a 5th grade Wax Museum related to units that we are learning about. I see using scratch in my classroom for the Wax Museum. Especially this lesson. The students will have their person for the wax museum then using their facts and pictures and being creative they could use this a lot. One of my major concerns is we have it in the gym were this space is not ideal for sound. I would love suggestions. I also thought about having them on a screen and playing which may be my only option.

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      Josie, do you have the option to use headphones connected to their devices? If they’re sound isolating headphones, this could help out tremendously. Another option would be to hook up your devices to portable speakers or giant PA speakers (jk) so it’s easier to hear.

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      Mariah, did McKay share this project he created that’s based on the Harry Potter books?

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      Janelle CrowJanelle Crow

      This would be a great way for students to chose someone in history or some historical event to research and then develop a collage on the different facts that they found out about them.

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      In math class, we could use this to review geometry concepts of lines or shapes.

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      I plan to use the interactive collage when my students do their research writing on a country. They can incorporate the flag, a map, etc of their country.

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      Chris LangChris Lang

      This one would be a good way for our 4th graders to introduce themselves to their 2nd grade buddy class.

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      I can use this at the beginning of the year to get to know the students and their likes.

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      Kristin HalsteadKristin Halstead

      Our team thinks we could use this in several ways. If kids already knew how to use it, they could use it at the beginning of the year to introduce themselves to the class. Another idea we had is that kids could use it to describe characters from a story.

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      Maria NealonMaria Nealon

      Getting to know you activity.

      Spelling word/morphology words. Number of the day activity

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      Amanda ThompsonAmanda Thompson

      I think this would be a great get to know you activity at the beginning of the year because they could fill their collage with different things that they like. We also thought that this could be fun if students were put into pairs and then tasked with presenting their partners collage to the rest of the class.

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      Karen PIrchioKaren PIrchio

      This will be a great way for students to display the elements of an assigned culture.

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      Mallory LatimerMallory Latimer

      I made one for science where all of the planets were shown. Then each planet gave facts about themselves. This could easily be incorporated into other science topics as well. Maybe the water cycle where each part explains what it does, or an ecosystem map, etc. (all of these are 6th-grade science topics).

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