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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      How might we integrate this lesson with other subject areas? What kind of changes or additions could you create (please feel free to link resources below)?

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      Previous response:

      • Integrating with math – The students will need to work with number concepts of bigger and smaller with the seahorse. To make him bigger and smaller they need to use numbers in the code to correspond to making him big or small. Kindergarten
      • Integrating with math – I believe that there are many math skills that can be incorporated into Scratch, Jr. In the Under the Sea lesson, students need to use a lot of good problem solving skills as they reverse engineer to copy the project. They also need to be counting how many times the sprite moves to the right, left, etc.
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      Diane Vander PloegDiane Vander Ploeg

      Integrate with math- Students can practice the meaning of more/less as they decide how many Sprites they need to add.They can work on the relational words “before, after, above, below as they create their story. They could make up addition and subtraction stories using the Sprites in the picture.

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      I would use Under the Sea in math at the beginning of the year when we are looking at greater than and less than, comparing numbers. Changing the size of the sprites will confirm their knowledge.

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      Jae JohnsonJae Johnson

      Integration with Science…Under The Sea would be a wonderful cross-curricular connection to sea/ocean/marine life. The instructor could use Under The Sea as an extended learning opportunity to enhance the students knowledge of marine life while exposing students to coding. This perfectly aligns with STEM education, which is the future of all learning.

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      McKenna EllettMcKenna Ellett

      This lesson can be integrated into a math lesson. By changing the size of the sprites and changing the number of times the triggers happen, students are working on comparing numbers (greater than, less than).

      It could also be integrated into a reading lesson with prepositions/relational words (the whale is above the scuba diver, etc.).

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      Kelly SuterKelly Suter

      My students would love this for a math lesson for bigger and smaller and a way to talk about size and measurement.

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      Catherine SokolCatherine Sokol

      I would use Under The Sea in math. It covers numbers, patterns and problem solving. Scratch Jr is a fun way for students to take a risk and learn from their mistakes.

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      Dyanna FinamoreDyanna Finamore

      I would incorporate Under the Sea by retelling the story Rainbow Fish.

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      Paige CoatesPaige Coates

      I would be able to use this in my classroom and I would try to use it in reading using the first, next, then, last and have the students make the different animals moving in different ways.

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      Crystal CainCrystal Cain

      Integrating in math:

      rotate and reflect translations….flip, slide, turn
      Kinder – Below, above,below, beside
      Counting objects
      Smaller than , larger than
      Greater than, less than , equal to
      Longer, shorter
      Write math story problems

      Integrating in reading:
      Write a story and then have a scratch to match.
      Setting, problem, solution, characters

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      Melanie JaramilloMelanie Jaramillo

      Idea for integrating math-in our district curriculum, students must create their own story problems. Students can use Scratch Jr to do that.

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      Rachel MillerRachel Miller

      In first grade I would use Under The Sea as a Pair Programming activity. I would limit the sprites I show at a time. In the example, there are way too many sprites for first graders to focus on. This lesson is great for covering directional standards, cooperation and communication.

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      Hayley McElvaneyHayley McElvaney

      It would be great for teaching ecosystems. Have the predator always chasing the prey.

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      Dawn PettyDawn Petty

      Integrating Language Arts with Science using Under the Sea…
      Students add correct plants/animals to ocean biome.
      Write a description of the biome using correct terms.

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