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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      How could you integrate coding with art? What BootUp projects (platform and lesson number) integrate well with this subject area? What additional ideas, resources, projects, etc. might assist with this kind of integration?

      See this studio for some ideas.

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      Previous responses:

      • Here are some ScratchEd resources on visual art that might be useful.
      • Here are some free resources from my website that use JavaScript in Khan Academy to create art an animation.
      • In any Scratch or ScratchJr project, students are likely going to want to spend a large portion of their time choosing or creating sprites for their project. This is great fun, but it cuts into their actual time coding. One idea is for the coding teacher to collaborate with the school’s art teacher and describe a future project that they will be doing. They could ask the art teacher to give students time in art to exclusively build characters for the future project. The art teacher could tie the activity into art standards. By the time the coding teacher wanted to do the project, the sprites would already created and the students could focus solely on coding.
      • Here’s a random sprite challenge that I created in Scratch
      • Use of vocabulary such as foreground, background, shading; Creating your own sprite
      • Students can use their imagination and own creativity to change sprites to how they want them to appear.
      • Just worked on Race to the Finish in Scratch Jr. and enjoyed making my own background for the race. It was useful to figure out how to use the stamp and bucket features to create the race track. Also useful to have the start on bump blocks to finish the race.
      • I just did fidget spinner from scratch jr and art is definitely integrated when using paintbox. Needing to center the image and decorate it is art.
      • No Touching (project #9) is a great way to tie in famous works of art. You can talk about an artist and show some of his/her paintings then have the kids do the project.
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      Jessica RobbinsJessica Robbins

      Scratch and scratch jr are very intuitive when it comes to animation and the introduction of animation basics like squash and stretch and key frames.
      My scratch cat animation

      Other concepts with computer literacy and art are Vertices and the differences between bitmap and vector graphics

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