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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      What suggestions/tips do you have for assessing project-based learning?

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      Previous response:

      • Assessment resources
      • Just talking with Kindergarten students tells you a lot about their thinking as they process the project.
      • Maybe you could create a simple assessment for kindergarten students to use, such as an assessment where students could color a smiley face if they understood how to solve the problem and a sad face if they did not understand how to solve the problem. This way they could evaluate themselves.
      • Have students help to create the criteria for the rubric. GRASP model is helpful to address all components.
      • Encourage students to practice assessment of a project on a sample project. This gives them experience looking at a project from an outsiders view and, hopefully, they will transfer these skills to self-reflection.
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      Brenda BassBrenda Bass

      Specialists said they use exit tickets. Also, they have students reflect on their projects.

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      McKay PerkinsMcKay Perkins

      Informally asking reflection (ipsative) questions at the end of a lesson can be a quick way to effectively check student progress and understanding.

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