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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      How could you integrate coding with language arts? What BootUp projects (platform and lesson number) integrate well with this subject area? What additional ideas, resources, projects, etc. might assist with this kind of integration?

      See this studio for some ideas.

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

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      A great way to integrate the Animated Card project with Language Arts is to make a card for a character in a book. The gift should be something that that character could have used to help them with the conflict in the book. You could even add more than one gift.

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      We read a lot of fiction stories about farm animals, and also work on story elements quite a bit at the beginning of the year. Students could use the farm yard lesson to create their own story. The setting would be the farm, they would choose farm characters as sprites, and then the have to have a problem and (hopefully) solution in their story (depending on the timing during the school year, it could be as simple as a pig in the mud or a horse getting out of the pasture, etc)

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      Christina SenacChristina Senac

      Students could create a scene and then write a story about what they have created after.

      Students could also recreate a story that they have listened to.

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      For ELA, you could have students sequence a story using Scratch.

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      Brenda BassBrenda Bass

      Great idea. You could also have students draw what they think the character looks like.

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