What does coding look like in your district?

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      What does the coding program look like in your district? How often do kids code? What does your schedule look like? Are you a specialist focusing on coding or do you also teach/facilitate other subject areas? What logistical problems have you solved or are currently working on?

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      Jared OLearyJared OLeary

      Previous responses:

      • Till now I’ve been using code.or and ozobots. It will be interesting to start scratch.
      • Currently, we are just starting the coding program in our district. Kid’s don’t code unless it is “hour of code” or in an after school program. My goal this year is to have kid’s coding at least 30 minutes per week and also to begin integrating coding into content areas. I am an elementary classroom teacher, so integration into the other subject areas I teach will be very important. Since I haven’t ever taught coding before, I don’t have any logistical problems yet, but I imagine time will be an issue at first.
      • In the past, we have done “Hour of Code” and allowed kids to even code on a weekly basis, but we were relying on their own knowledge of this. Teachers hadn’t yet been given PD, so many of us didn’t know how to help kids in this arena. I’m excited to go back and teach this weekly (at the least) and feel more confident in my ability to direct kiddos.
      • Response to above – I love your “at the least” comment. I taught 6th grade, and if I could go back I would try to integrate coding in LOTS and LOTS of my school learning activities
      • In Kindergarten, we hope to use coding to practice letter identification. We will use a large rug on the floor, with grid lines and letters in each grid. We will take turns “coding” students to find a given letter, or code students to discover a mystery letter. After using our bodies to manipulate the letter grid, we can maneuver B-bots to code on a smaller paper with an alphabet grid.
      • Response to above – you can do this with BeeBots or Code and Go Mouse (same thing, but the mouse is cheaper). I’ve seen teachers do this and thought I got a video of it, but I didn’t so here’s an example I found on YouTube.
      • I would say that we are in the beginning stages of developing a coding program for our school district. Personally, I have not coded in my classroom. I am planning on using code in my room this coming school year. We don’t have a schedule at this time. Logistically, we obviously could use more time in our day to make code more accessible to our students.
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